How Much Does it Really Cost ‘ME’ for a Month of Travel?

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How much does it really cost to travel for a month?

Today I opened up my online accounts to take a look at one month of traveling expenses for September.

During the month of September, I was in 5 countries. They were Slovenia (3 nights Lake Bled), Croatia (13 nights, 4 cities), Bosnia (5 nights), Geneva (2 nights) and Turkey (7 nights).

How Can I Afford to Travel? (The #1 Question I Get Asked)

Picture taken in Bosnia

It is the question, I asked several world travelers and is the most common question I get from people:

How can you afford to travel around the world?

Here is my transparent reality. For me, it is all in the numbers. I love my spreadsheets!  I sat down and looked at my spreadsheet and figured out: how much I spend at home each month. Of course, every month is slightly different, but I calculated the average monthly expenditures from a year of my life living in a 2000 sq ft house in Round Rock, Texas. You can see my spending in obviously no particular order.

Hamam: A Turkish Bath (Part 2) Comparison


After my first hamam (Turkish bath) in Istanbul, I decided I would set a goal to try out the hamam experience in different cities while traveling through Turkey.

My second hamam visit was in Goreme. Throughout the week, I asked around town to see where you could get a local hamam experience and found one, however the overall analysis from the locals is that it is touristic but it was the most recommended by local people and they go there.