First off, Riga is in Latvia, which is near Russia and Baltic Sea. Before this year, I didn’t know where this was either. I have recently seen so many Instagrams from here and posts on travel blogs about the city of Riga. I also have a friend living in Poland recommend it.

The city of Riga is so charming and the vibe is great. I love all of the cafes, architecture, and the vibe. It has a feel of all of my favorite European cities all rolled into one. I couldn’t have had a better time in this great city.

Orange Pearl Resort, Palawan, Philippines

I found my slice of paradise at the Orange Pearl Resort in Palawan. Prior to coming to El Nido, I couldn’t find a place that seemed to meet my criteria (hammock, quiet beachfront, air con, wifi). After a night in town, I took a tricycle from the main town to the “Las Cabanas Beach” as all of the tricycle drivers referred to it as for 150PP. As I walked down the beach, there were not to many options until I stumbled upon the Orange Pearl. I hung out at the Orange Pearl for a couple hours and realized this was the place for me. The staff was so friendly and the view was amazing. 

Every morning, I found myself out on the beach at sunrise because I didn’t want to miss a second of the view. I would sip a few cups of coffee provided by the resort and truly just enjoy the moment. 

The Struggle is Real… El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

My first stop in the Philippines is El Nido. Six months ago, I had no idea where El Nido was, but I did know fellow travelers post pictures on Instagram of the Philippines and I want to go there. Many of my travel plans in the past few years have stemmed from travel pages on Instagram that have been beautiful pictures. I have put it on my first stop on my Asian adventure.

Now the hardest part of my trip plans: Where do I stay?