The Struggle is Real… El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

My first stop in the Philippines is El Nido. Six months ago, I had no idea where El Nido was, but I did know fellow travelers post pictures on Instagram of the Philippines and I want to go there. Many of my travel plans in the past few years have stemmed from travel pages on Instagram that have been beautiful pictures. I have put it on my first stop on my Asian adventure.

Now the hardest part of my trip plans: Where do I stay?

School’s Out For Summer

Today marks the completetion of 15 years as a teacher. My career choice allows me to teach and follow my dreams of traveling the world. I made a bucket list of places I wanted to see before school was out to share with my students. Each student picked a place on my bucket list to research and present to me on why I should go there. My Junior Researchers did a great job on their slide shows.  My passion of teaching and traveling continues on…

Schools Out For Summer!!!

Next stop…California

New Domain Up and Running… Chris Sanford Rocks!

New Domain Up and Running… Chris Sanford Rocks!

chris sanford

Taken from Chris Sanford’s Facebook Page

Everyone says starting a blog is easy (and it may be), but I had a very hard time  setting up my account and getting all the settings to work properly on the domain with hosting.  Two weeks ago, this was all a foreign language to me. I just wanted to type my blog posts and it go out to my followers.  After hours of downloading the wrong plugins, deleting my followers, changing font codes to the wrong colors, and probably making a behind the scenes disaster; I was  ready to give up and just keep my account and be done…