Da Lat, Vietnam

Chase Waterfalls! It’s worth it!

Da Lat, Vietnam was full of adrenaline and adventure during my short stay in this unique city off the beaten path. It was a cross between Paris, Vietnam and the French Alps with a twist of waterfalls and mountain climbing.

I found this place after seeing a friend’s Facebook page that  I met in Cambodia a few weeks prior. I was sold once I saw the waterfalls. My goal was to go find some pretty waterfalls and enjoy nature. It is definitely off of the main tourist route, but still had a good amount of tourism with Vietnamese tourists.

When I arrived, I set out to figure out where to see these waterfalls. I found the tourist information center just before closing time and booked a tour to get off the beaten path for a canyoneering adventure the next day. Da Lat was definitely the most challenging as far as communication, but not impossible. I busted out my Google Translate way more here than anywhere else.



Night Market

The Center of Town

So many pretty places to stop and take pictures with flowers, lakes and art!

Spaghetti!!! or something like it 🙂


Let the Adventure Begin!!!!! The guided hike was amazing and hard and one of the most challenging adventures that I have ever been on.

I met so many great people on the way to Da Lat on the plane.  A great family adopted me on the plane and took me under their wing. I am so appreciative of kind people in the world.

The great part about Vietnam is that you can hop on a flight at the last minute for pretty cheap. The day I got back from the canyoneering adventure, I checked online for a flight and was on a plane three hours later.


Paris Hotel in Da Lat, Vietnam


Ten minute walk to market

Balcony room was a better

Hot water, clean bathroom

New receptionist spoke a little English



No a/c or fan, or any ventilation

First room was stuffy and smelly no windows

Paid $20 extra to get balcony

Killed many ants in the bed before asking for spray when tney were crawling all over me when i tried to sleep

No english at reception, needed google translate

No elevator

No breakfast

Street is noisy


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