How Much Does it Really Cost ‘ME’ for a Month of Travel?

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How much does it really cost to travel for a month?

Today I opened up my online accounts to take a look at one month of traveling expenses for September.

During the month of September, I was in 5 countries. They were Slovenia (3 nights Lake Bled), Croatia (13 nights, 4 cities), Bosnia (5 nights), Geneva (2 nights) and Turkey (7 nights).

Some countries, you can use your credit card more than others, so you will see I have more transactions in different places. These numbers include flights, buses, accommodations, local transportation, visa for Turkey, food, and tours/excursions. I didn’t break it down by those categories this time, because that would take too long and I can’t really remember, so I will show you based on cash and credit card use for the month. Those were the only forms of payment that I used. My not fancy/pretty numbers, but gives you the data below information:

September Expenses for Liz’s Travels

Cash/Bank Withdrawals:

  • Slovenia: $72, $50
  • Croatia: $160, $210
  • Bosnia: $25, $250
  • Geneva: $70
  • Turkey: $14

Total Bank Withdrawals: $717 USD

Credit Card Usage:

  • Slovenia: $7, $8, $8, $3, $3
  • Croatia: $4, $7, $15, $46, $10, $3, $5, $8, $3, $3, $5, $29, $7, $18, $2, $22, $16, $15, $60, $53, $30,$73, $29
  • Bosnia: $4
  • Geneva: $7,$14, $19, $57
  • Turkey: $3, $12, $5, $215, $8, $45, $21

Total Credit Card Usage: $1235 USD


  • Phone Bill in the USA to keep my phone number (my phone is suspended): $11
  • Also, I have insurance that I paid in advance, so technically I didn’t spend the money this month, but I will add it in to my costs: $100/month

Total Other Costs: $111 USD


  • Slovenia: $211/4 nights  $52/day
  • Croatia: $846/13 nights  $65/day
  • Bosnia: $279/5 nights    $56/day
  • Geneva: $167/2 nights   $83/day (this was with Couchsurfing too, no expense for accommodation, but I had a flight added into this total)
  • Turkey: $449/7 nights   $64/day
  • Other: $111

For the Month of September I spent: $2063

This comes out to less than $69 USD per day!

If you read my last blog post, I was spending $107/day living in Texas. Of course, I had two jobs, this included my savings plan and I had an income as well.

Looking back, Geneva was the most expensive in comparison to other places and I didn’t even pay to stay there. The longer you stay in a place, the less expensive it is per day. Minimizing the number of flights and slowing down your travel can affect the daily costs of traveling. Though I was in Croatia for the longest during the month, I stayed in 4 different cities. In Bosnia and Slovenia, I stayed in one place during those times.

This was a pretty fast moving itinerary and that is why I am back to a slow travel mode in Turkey for October.

Of course you can spend a lot more or even less, it just depends on your travel style. My analysis is here is just to show you that world travel doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think.


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