Lake Tahoe Hike


We found a great hiking spot with a great view in Lake Tahoe this past weekend.  It was called Bay View Trail. I had a list of recommendations for hiking, and we just picked one that looked good and had a good Yelp review. Our criteria was a hike with an awesome view and less than 3.5 hours. We drove about 25 minutes away from our rental house in South Lake Tahoe toward Emerald Bay and took the Cascade Falls Trail. The drive to the area has many vista points, I wanted to stop everywhere to take in the views.

We spent about three hours, hiking, enjoying the scenery, having lunch, and taking lots of photos.  Along the way, I stopped so many times to get a view of the lake, waterfall (and I am learning to use to my Go Pro). You will not be disappointed if you go on this hike.

It was the perfect hike for me: not too long, not too short, not too steep, not to flat, not too hot, not too cold! IT WAS JUST RIGHT! I would highly recommend this hike for all ages.

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Cascade Falls

We had a great trip!

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