New Domain Up and Running… Chris Sanford Rocks!

New Domain Up and Running… Chris Sanford Rocks!

chris sanford

Taken from Chris Sanford’s Facebook Page

Everyone says starting a blog is easy (and it may be), but I had a very hard time  setting up my account and getting all the settings to work properly on the domain with hosting.  Two weeks ago, this was all a foreign language to me. I just wanted to type my blog posts and it go out to my followers.  After hours of downloading the wrong plugins, deleting my followers, changing font codes to the wrong colors, and probably making a behind the scenes disaster; I was  ready to give up and just keep my account and be done…

But…I had an old, elementary school friend, Chris Sanford, come to my rescue today to help me sort it out and get my site running on the domain.

Here is his website-
He is awesome. Thanks Chris Sanford!

You Rock!

– The Road Liz Travels

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