First off, Riga is in Latvia, which is near Russia and Baltic Sea. Before this year, I didn’t know where this was either. I have recently seen so many Instagrams from here and posts on travel blogs about the city of Riga. I also have a friend living in Poland recommend it.

The city of Riga is so charming and the vibe is great. I love all of the cafes, architecture, and the vibe. It has a feel of all of my favorite European cities all rolled into one. I couldn’t have had a better time in this great city.

Moscow, Russia

Dear Moscow,

Your Architecture is Beautiful!

Red Square

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I survived Moscow despite all of the American stereotypes, warnings and negative perception that I received from many people before I came. I don’t know how many people said, Why do you want to go there? You know they hate Americans, right? After applying for the visa for Russia, I was asking myself the same thing. That process was such a pain and so much money.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Wow! Halong Bay was a fabulous destination and a wonderful natural wonder of the world. Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a beautiful area with limestone rock structure islands spread amongst the bay. They allow boats to cruise through the bay and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I arranged an organized two day, one night cruise/tour through my hotel in Hanoi which made it easier for me too, as it was my first excursion in Vietnam. Halong Bay was one of the main reasons I added Vietnam on to my itinerary when I was planning my summer trip, so I was beyond excited to explore the area. If you google image Vietnam Travel, most of the pictures are from Halong Bay.  It is so beautiful!