Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap, 6 Nights

I arrived late at night into Siem Reap from Manila. It was so quiet in the airport and nobody was smiling or talking, which felt a little unwelcoming, but little did I know that was the only place I encountered that feeling. Everywhere, I went in Siem Reap, the people were very friendly and would try and strike up a conversation.

Swimming with the Whale Sharks in Oslob, Philippines

Ring! Ring! Ring! The 5:15 AM alarm went off for our wake up call to see the whalesharks. This was the day I had been anxiously awaiting for the past six months. My students and I had been researching the giant creatures for weeks in preparation. We made sure they weren’t going to eat me.

Get there early was what everyone had told me and be the first in line. It opens at 6 AM. We arrived at 6:15, and although it was busy, there wasn’t a wait.

Philippines- Cebu

My Three Day Itinerary for Cebu

Travel Day-

I arrived in Cebu City in the afternoon by plane, and met Michelle at the airport. We immediately headed out of town to Moalboal. It is cheaper to take the bus, but we hired a private car to drive us four hours to Moalboal for 2400PP ($50USD). ¬†Along the way, we stopped at McDonald’s for cheeseburger meals and then at the grocery store for snacks and drinks. The prices were pretty cheap here at the store for most things.