Philippines- Cebu

My Three Day Itinerary for Cebu

Travel Day-

I arrived in Cebu City in the afternoon by plane, and met Michelle at the airport. We immediately headed out of town to Moalboal. It is cheaper to take the bus, but we hired a private car to drive us four hours to Moalboal for 2400PP ($50USD).  Along the way, we stopped at McDonald’s for cheeseburger meals and then at the grocery store for snacks and drinks. The prices were pretty cheap here at the store for most things.

We stayed at Turtle Bay Dive Resort, which was slightly off the beaten path in Moalboal. We had the whole resort pretty much to ourselves. There were very few people staying in the large resort, mostly scuba divers. The grounds and room were wonderful. We had a sea view, secluded villa with a nice patio to view the water. The beach however wasn’t really a beach, like it looked in the picture, just a man-made sandy area to relax in. We missed the sunset as were hopping the first night, due to our long drive.

Day 1- Kawasan Falls

At breakfast, I met a couple from Cebu City that were planning on taking a tuk-tuk to the waterfall and they asked if we wanted to share it with them, so of course we did. We gathered out things and approximately 30 minutes later, we were on our way. It was about a 30 minute ride and 30 minute walk to the waterfall from the resort.

The road to the waterfall was a beautiful jungle walk along the river. We arrived early so the crowds were still fairly minimal. The first lagoon is the famous one that I saw all of the photos of, but just a little farther, there was an equally beautiful waterfall and lagoon that was less traveled and had places to jump off cliffs and swing from a rope swing. We started here and swam under the waterfall. They charge you about $6 to rent a table for the whole group, so it wasn’t bad to have a place for our stuff and a place to sit.IMG_0375


After some time at the first waterfall, we took a small hike up and down a very rocky path back to the first waterfall. You can rent a raft to go for a ride under the waterfall for about $6 for all the people you can fit. A group of tourists from Texas invited me on their raft with them, so I didn’t have to pay. I swam around the fall and got a pounding shower and massage from the waterfall. It was a fun experience, but as I already have learned on many trips to waterfall the pictures under a waterfall are not pretty. My hair was in knots when I finished my little tour. It is a little commercialized there, but still a fun day.

On the walk back to the tuk-tuk, I decided to float down the river as I saw some locals doing it on the way in.  A fun road less traveled.After the day at the falls, we stopped at the grocery store and bought some drinks and cream cheese and garlic crackers (suggested by locals) for our evening at the resort. We may have stopped at Mc Donald’s for some fries too.  In the evening, we took over the vacant bar and were joined by 6 other guests and made our own party at the hotel. It poured rain for hours in the evening, so we just hung out at the hotel with the other guests until bedtime.


Day 2-Moalboal and Oslob

Snorkelling at our door step in the morning was great start of our day. We didn’t have to go out very far to see colorful fish and coral. Time passes by so quickly when you are in the water. After snorkelling, we swam a bit in the pool and got ready for a 12pm checkout.

IMG_0545We planned to take the bus to Oslob, but met a couple at the bus stop that was taking a car, so we shared the car with them. We paid 2000 Pesos for the ride in an air conditioned car, so my part was 500 Pesos (about 10 bucks). It was a little more than 2 hours to get to Oslob from Moalboal. We arrived at Lagnason’s Place, that I found online and had good reviews after the windy, coastal drive. The night before, I sent a Facebook to them, and asked for a lower rate which was 1500 Pesos per night ($32). The woman was very kind and helpful when we arrived, helping us decide what to do. There was a nice, small pool and my favorite, a hammock. We relaxed for a bit after the long drive, ordered a pizza for later and then walked fifteen minutes in to town. This was the friendliest town ever! Everyone was happy, smiling and saying hello along the way. We passed the cockpit arena along the way, which is a favorite Sunday activity for the locals, stopped at a couple bakeries to compare their baked goods, and visited the historic district. Upon arriving back to the little cottages, the power went out in the town, so we ate in candlelight and sat in the dark with some other guests, a very nice couple, Martha and PJ.  The power came back on the evening and we went to bed early, so we could wake up for the day that I had been waiting for, swimming with the whale sharks. IMG_0546


Day 3-Oslob and Cebu City

We arranged to leave the hotel at 6am, and were expecting a tuk-tuk, but ended up getting a nice SUV for the same price to drive fifteen minutes down the road to the centre for watching the whale sharks. After the whale shark excursion, we went to a small island for a little relaxing, swimming, and snorkeling. I wrote a post about the day on my blog earlier. It was a fabulous day and I didn’t want it to end. We arrived back at the hotel by 11am, and got ready to take the bus to Cebu City. The nice staff carried our bags and waited with us for the bus. Our bus ride was about $4 to get to Cebu City, which was four hours away. We slept most of the way there on the comfy, big, air-conditioned bus. After the bus ride, we took a taxi for 45 minutes to our hotel near the airport, as we were flying out the next day.

I saw a whaleshark! #cebu #oslob #whaleshark #philippines

I saw a whale shark! #cebu #oslob #whaleshark #philippines

We explored the hustling city for a bit by foot, pricing hair treatments and massages. We found a place that we got our hair done and cheap massages, all for $10 bucks. We were happy with our treatments. We went to the grocery store for some dinner and then ate it back at the hotel.










My Thoughts-

When planning the Cebu portion of my trip, I heard mixed reviews from people. Some people said spend as little time as possible here, and others said they loved it and that I needed a couple weeks.  I just randomly picked a timeline and stayed for three full days. My main sights I wanted to see were Kawasan Falls and to swim with the whale sharks, which were awesome. The more I researched after buying a ticket, the longer I wanted to stay. The pictures of all the islands and beaches were breathtaking. It is a large island however, so traveling to different places was quite time intensive. I definitely could have stayed for another week at least to see more of the island. I would agree to not spend much time in Cebu City, as it is a big city with lots of traffic. I will have to come back someday to explore other parts of the island.



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