Prepping for My Travel Adventure

Here are some of the preparations I do before I leave for a trip:

  • Contact bank and credit card companies and let them know that I will using my cards out of the country.
  • Order foreign currency if available at the bank. This is a travel hack that I have discovered in the past few years. You can order money for the countries you are visiting in advance and so you don’t have to pay the fees from the ATM. It also makes jumping in a cab or bus or train right when you get off the plane much easier.
  • Arrange for mail to be held or for a friend to get the mail.
  • Set up my housesitter and AirBnB for when I am gone.
  • Send google doc itinerary to the family with all my information.
  • Review my packing ninja list. 
  • Make sure my carry-on bag is less than 15kg.
  • Contact my neighbors and let them know of my travel plans. 
  • Arrange a ride to the airport. (Thanks Joyce)

And if I forgot anything, it will be okay. I know there are a ton more things I prepare, but this was off the top of my head.  I have awesome helpers that keep my peace of mind while I’m gone. 


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