How Much Does it Really Cost ‘ME’ for a Month of Travel?

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How much does it really cost to travel for a month?

Today I opened up my online accounts to take a look at one month of traveling expenses for September.

During the month of September, I was in 5 countries. They were Slovenia (3 nights Lake Bled), Croatia (13 nights, 4 cities), Bosnia (5 nights), Geneva (2 nights) and Turkey (7 nights).

How Can I Afford to Travel? (The #1 Question I Get Asked)

Picture taken in Bosnia

It is the question, I asked several world travelers and is the most common question I get from people:

How can you afford to travel around the world?

Here is my transparent reality. For me, it is all in the numbers. I love my spreadsheets!  I sat down and looked at my spreadsheet and figured out: how much I spend at home each month. Of course, every month is slightly different, but I calculated the average monthly expenditures from a year of my life living in a 2000 sq ft house in Round Rock, Texas. You can see my spending in obviously no particular order.