Hamam: A Turkish Bath (Part 2) Comparison


After my first hamam (Turkish bath) in Istanbul, I decided I would set a goal to try out the hamam experience in different cities while traveling through Turkey.

My second hamam visit was in Goreme. Throughout the week, I asked around town to see where you could get a local hamam experience and found one, however the overall analysis from the locals is that it is touristic but it was the most recommended by local people and they go there.

Moscow, Russia

Dear Moscow,

Your Architecture is Beautiful!

Red Square

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I survived Moscow despite all of the American stereotypes, warnings and negative perception that I received from many people before I came. I don’t know how many people said, Why do you want to go there? You know they hate Americans, right? After applying for the visa for Russia, I was asking myself the same thing. That process was such a pain and so much money.