Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa Tour, Vietnam

I was picked up in a shuttle at 6:45am. We drove around Hanoi to pick up other passengers. The streets of Hanoi seem so different at this time of day. It’s very quiet and the start of the new day begins with locals chattering and having breakfast on the streets on their little stools, store owners setting up, and the traffic starting to pick up. We arrived at a parking lot where we transferred to larger bus that was a sleeper bus. First we were greeted with a plastic bag to put our shoes in before boarding. Each person had their own little capsule to lay down in. There were about 50 spaces on two levels. All of us were just fascinated by the concept. We were all a little uncertain how this worked, but it was so awesome. It was chill and relaxing and a great way to travel. If you are tall however it might be a little bit uncomfortable. In the back they had open seats that you didn’t have to put your legs in the capsule so that would be better for the tall folks.

The Road Liz Travels…Launched

 This is my first travel blog post!


California Museum of Science, San Francisco

My name is Liz and I plan on taking you on the road with me….

I love to travel the world, both near and far.  I have traveled to over 30 countries and plan to travel to many more. Over the years, I have handwritten my travel experiences in many journals, and now I am ready to try and explore writing my travels in digital form for the world to see.