The Struggle is Real… El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

My first stop in the Philippines is El Nido. Six months ago, I had no idea where El Nido was, but I did know fellow travelers post pictures on Instagram of the Philippines and I want to go there. Many of my travel plans in the past few years have stemmed from travel pages on Instagram that have been beautiful pictures. I have put it on my first stop on my Asian adventure.

Now the hardest part of my trip plans: Where do I stay?

Do I stay at the beach outside of town, more secluded, with lots of hammock time? Or stay in town close to beach, more populated? Or up on a hill with a view? 

I have put in more hours researching where I am going to stay in El Nido than any other part of my trip. I know wherever I choose it will be awesome, but I am having such a hard time making the decision. It reminds me of when I went to Santorini, I couldn’t decide where to stay (white houses on the cliffs in Oia, or less touristy Perissa beach, I did half and half) and didn’t make the decision until the day before I left.

I like to know where I am staying and have it booked before I get to a new place.

My decision is: Viewdeck Cottages

It looks like a nice view although it isn’t on the beach. I booked for the first two nights and will go from there. 

Today is the day I am leaving for El Nido, Philippines. 

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