Travel Update- Baltics, Scandinavia, Poland

Today was a beautiful, sunny day in #copenhagen #denmark at the famous #nyhavn (New Harbor)

Today I am on a train to Warsaw, Poland. I haven’t written much as I have been busy traveling and not taking the time to write. I have been updating my Instagram pretty regularly though if you want to see a glimpse of what has been going on in my travels. It is connected to my website.

Since my last entry (which was about loving Riga, Latvia I think)-

I have:

Taken a bus to Vilnius, Lithuania, one of the great Baltic sister countries, it was a perfect size and just enough history and charm without millions of tourists. One of my favorite coffee shops so far was there too.

Flew to Copenhagen, Denmark, the beginning of my Scandinavian adventure. Here I met up with my mom and step-dad and my friend Sunny. We stayed for a few days, hitting up all of the main tourist attractions (Tivoli Gardens, Little Mermaid, Nyhavn). It took a little bit to get used to the hoards of tourists for me as I had been places where it was not too crowded.

The next flight was to: Stavanger, Norway, a cute little town, with very confusing streets, and the jumping off point to Pulpit Rock and the fjords. Unfortunately the weather was not too good, so I missed the hike. A great surprise, but for quite a price tag was the Flor and Fjord island. The gardens were fabulous.

A ferry to Bergen, Norway was a great ride to a wonderful little city. Bergen was a perfect size and was easy to maneuver. It had great charm. I really liked it here.

Train, ferry and bus across Norway for one of the most scenic rides on a route called Norway in a Nutshell. Most people do this in one day, which is a bit crazy, but we took two and it was fabulous. The little town of Flam in the middle of the fjords and a hostel under a waterfall were just lovely.

Oslo, Norway was the end the Norway adventure. It was larger and modern, and had a bit of an Austin feel to it. For a big city, I liked this one out of all of the Scandinavian big cities as a livable city, but not for me to live because it is too cold there. This where we dropped my mom off to fly back home.

The next leg of the adventure: My stepdad (Dave) and I flew to Stockholm, Sweden. We experienced the Vasa Museum and Skansen which were both cool and impressive sights. We stayed in the old town and go the feel of Sweden for a few days.

A flight to Helsinki, Finland, this was our shortest stay and it didn’t leave as much of an impression on us, probably because we were so tired tired from traveling and were there for the least amount of time. Our hotel on the harbor was great and had all of the luxuries that we took advantage of rather than doing much sightseeing.

Ferry ride to Tallinn, Estonia,
Tallinn was a lovely, medieval city that we could stay walk around in for days. Our Airbnb in the old town center was a perfect location for exploring. We were glad to be here for five days since we loved it so much.

Flight to Copenhagen, here we spent only a night and took advantage of the club lounge perks at the Crowne Plaza to gear up for roughing it the next couple of weeks in budget accommodations. I sent Dave on his way back to the US, and then I was off to my next adventure.

Flight to Berlin, Craving some “normal life” stuff, I went to a yoga class and just relaxed in local parks, took walks in nature and had carrots, salad and chicken (normal things for me). I did explore the historical and artistic sights of Berlin at a slow pace which I prefer. The place I stayed turned out to be really cool and the people I met there were fabulous.

Overnight bus to Gdansk, a great town, but the true gem for me was the next city over called Sopot. It is known as the Polish Riviera. I love the beach so much that finally when it was a sunny day and cool beach location, I was super happy.

I saw hundreds of waterfalls today!!!! The #fjords are magical and mystical from the bus window, boat, train, and walks. A perfect place to #chasewaterfalls Tonight we are staying right next to a waterfall and river in a little house in the middle of the fjord #experiencesnotthings #norwayinanutshell #fjords #norway #theroadliztravels

And now, where I am today:

A train to Warsaw, and I must be on the super budget train. I am packed into a car with no air, or wifi. When I booked this train, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I am sure when I did it, I was just looking at the price tag, which I think was around fifteen dollars.

So much has happened in the past month, but I didn’t get it written down. Maybe I will make time for it on another day.

Overall Recap of the Past Month- I did well staying in my budget of $100/day or less in Scandinavia. I have stayed in lots of different places from hostels, airbnbs to fancy hotels. All of them have been a great adventure. I like alternating between the different types for a different feel. I already knew this, but it has been reconfirmed that I prefer the smaller places than bigger. Though moving quicker than I fancied, I am still getting time in each place to really explore the areas.


I have met to so many kind, caring and generous people from all over the world. The world is kind and beautiful.


I found a good spot #peoplewatching #sunsoutbunsout #sopot #Poland

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